Side Sealing & Cutting Machine


JET 450

JET 600

JET 800

Polymer Processing Capability HM,HDPE,LLDPE,LDPEPPP,BOPP
Film Indexing Drive AC. Servo
Web Width 450 mm 600 mm 800 mm
Min-Max Draw Length 30-600mm 50-1500 mm 50-1500 mm
Max Speed Stroke 250* 200* 200*
Dia of Cloths Rol 600 MM
All Motor AC.

AC. Drive

Main Drive AC. Drive
Conveyor Drive AC. Drive
Off Winder  AC. Drive
Electrical  Power AC 3 Phase, 415 +/- 6% Volt, 50Hz
Total Connected Load 5 KW 5.5 KW 6.5KW
Foot Print  L x W x H 3000 x 1000 x 2000 mm 3000 x 1100 x 200 mm 3500 x 1500 x 2000 mm
Approx Weight 1000 Kg 1100 Kg 1500Kg




Bottom Gusset Top  and Bottom Sealing  Lateral Perforration
Lip Formation Outside On Line 'D' Punch System Ultrasonic Header Sealer
Lip Sealing Top and Bottom Punch System Score Cut hole Punch
Unwinder with edge guide Film Folding  Device Auto Stacker
On line 'D' punch system Tape and sheet insertion Side Slitter
  Tape Application Center Slitter
  Double roll Unwinder Lip formation inside
  Sliter and sealer Flip cutter
    Ultrasonic knurling sealer


  •  * Depending on Material,thickness and draw length
  •     Attachmentrequires compressed air connection
  •     Stepper Driven Available